A solid ecological basis for
The Science of Watershed Hydrology
Peter E. Black, Distinguished Teaching
Professor of Water and Related
Land Resources, Emeritus,
SUNY ESF, Syracuse, New York.
. . . from the watershed to your classroom, boardroom, or conference room
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Sophisticated Thornthwaite & Mather Water Balance software is used for research and effective and realistic planning and management of landfills and wetlands. Download recent article, too!

Water Drops,
book of scripts to be published August, 2012 in hard and paperback versions by SUNY PRESS

View a wonderful and insightful water poem
by D. L. Birchfield
as PDF or PPT 2002 or 2003: (let it run without any clicks)

Learn about Earth's water-based ecology !

Most of Earth's water is in storage; doesn't it make sense to recognize that fact in our water policies and management? My short course does just that.

Take my three-hour animated, narrated, auto tutorial short course to find out how water works in our environment dominated by water in storage.

Why so much damage in cities by floods?
ANS: Because we fail to apply what we already know about the differences between ground water and storm water runoff and storage!
We don't pay attention to basics!
Flood frequency & magnitued are underestimated!

And we don't stay out of the river's flood plain!

What's wrong with the U.S. Flood Control Program?
ANS: Almost everything!

See recent articles on Full Vita page
for details and documentation,
Available ( April, 2013.)
And presentations of program problems is the
subject of presentations at conferences
See Books and Short Courses page.

Why are we getting such cold weather when we are supposed to be in a period of global warming?
ANS: the basic rules haven't changed...

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