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Building an Essay Outline

May be you seated and staring at the blank sheet in front of you. You’re completely at a loss where to start writing the essay from. This is a common observation when people are confronted with an essay. In writing a good essay, an essay outline is non-negotiable. This is because essay outline are the main building blocks upon which you build a good essay. Before I go any further, let me pause to ask “what is an outline?” An outline is simply a layout, a plan of the subject matter that you want to present either in a verbal or paper presentation format. So if you’re really serious about knowing how to write a good essay, then you must of necessity learn how to build an essay outline.

Some benefits of using essay outlines include the following: it serves to organize your ideas into a logical and sequential pattern. It helps to keep your thoughts and ideas structured and organized so you don’t lose any important detail. It acts like a map that keeps your ideas from getting lost.

A well-structured outline would help you move from one point to another, making it easy to carry the reader along. It allows you to write down your ideas in a loose order and later, you could decide the order you want the whole essay to proceed. It also helps you determine the length of the essay you want to write. This is particularly so if you are restricted to a certain number of pages or word count. If you want to know how to write an essay, then read on!

Essay outlines come in two major forms: topic outlines and sentence outlines. In topic outline, the main headings are written in a single word or short phrases while the headings in sentence outlines are stated in complete sentences.

If you want to write a good essay, take note of the following steps in essay outline building:

Divide each subtopic using a system of numbers and letters and end each subtopic with a period.

For example:









Every heading and subheading should have about two parts

Do not use headings like Introduction and Conclusion for parts of your paper.

Stick to one outline pattern. Do not combine the topic outline with the sentence outline.

Your essay outline should contain the following parts:

1 An Introduction- Here you’ll define the topic or the premise and the conclusion you hope to arrive at. Write down the points you intend to cover.

2. The Body- Use subheadings here. In each point, itemize the relevant information that further expatiates on the points.

3. The Conclusion- Here you summarize all preceding information that shows how you arrived at your conclusion.

4. Citations- Provide a list of all the sources of your information.

Learning how to write an essay is as simple you choose to make it. Building an essay outline makes it a whole lot easier for you.